Thursday, January 21, 2010

Makeup Artist Paul Innis give tips for

Thursday, January 21, 2010 9:30 AM
BRIDES Magazine
5 makeup tips from Paul Innis

Paul Innis at Warren-Tricomi Management for Avon Cosmetics:
If there's one time a girl should be pampered to red-carpet status, it's for her wedding. But don't panic if an A-list makeup artist isn't on your speed dial. Just go DIY with this fail-safe checklist from makeup artist Paul Innis at Warren-Tricomi Artist Management for Avon Cosmetics:

1. A well-manicured brow Enhancing a full, sculpted brow makes you appear more polished and takes years off your face.
2. Flawless foundation The trick to appearing perfectly airbrushed is making sure the foundation is fully rubbed in and absorbed into your skin, rather than simply sitting on top of your skin.
3. Defined lash lines Innis says liquid liner is generally best for eyelids that touch the crease, such as Asian eyes, while everyone else can stick to kohl liner or powder.
4. Warm, cheerful cheeks They make you look happier than muted tones do—and that's the idea on your wedding day, right? Try a cheerful shade of pink.
5. Don't skimp on the lips Wear plenty of color to plump your pout. Unfortunately, there's no shortcut to finding your perfect shade. Try on a variety of shades at the makeup counter until you find "the one."
—Elizabeth Swanson, BRIDES Fashion & Beauty Department